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Every one comes with stupid switches
making us women some stupid bitches
who only seems to fuck with those jacked up niggas
who pushing dope and pulling triggas
or don’t have no job don’t possess no goals
but they got that good dick so they play the roles
tell us what we wanna hear so they can get what they want
and when around their buddies you know that they flaunt
the new gear that we bought them the new kicks that they sport
or how we paid for their attorney who helped’em out in court
they think they have the upper hand because we don’t speak our minds
the way that we should but we will in time
for when that day comes it's the day we will quit
listening to and believing all their bullshit

Yes I have a stupid switch, several in fact
that dictate my feelings and the way that I act
stupid switch number one truly makes me sick
‘Cause it got that nigga thinking that I must be a trick
He takes my kindness for weakness and he abuses my love
because his dick fits this pussy like a hand in a glove
and he knows me so well I swear he knows what I’m thinking
after he puts it on me its like I been drinking
he has so much stamina he can go all night
and he’s as passionate in love as he is when we fight
nothing physical just verbal but its all the same
and it all boils down to the same stupid game
‘Cause I know he don’t trust me he thinks I’m a lie
don’t believe that I love him don’t believe that I cry
over him or us or that I long to do more
but I’m tired of being treated like an ATM whore

Stupid switch number two might not be that bad
although looking back it does make me mad
cause this one walked in like a man from a dream
but I was only good enough to swallow his cream
day or night, Spring or Summer, hell even in the Fall
He could get the duck sick whenever he called
and I willing obliged thinking in time
he would see the real me and want to be mine
but that day never came although he came by the bucket
and his shit was good but I had to say fuck it
cause no nigga is worth your self respect
so you gotta let’em know and keep that shit in check
But he’s the one who ended it said he was done
so I shrugged my shoulders and said clearly he wasn’t the one

Enough about me let’s talk about you
and your stupid switches, yeah you got some too
cuz you believe what he says when you know that he is lying
calling your bff waking her up with your shit, crying
The signs are before you but you refuse to look
with all this fucked up drama I could write a book
this one says he burned her but yet she stayed
and then gets angry when she is continuously played
men have stupid switches too, way too many to count
fucking with the wrong bitches paying any amount
just to say that they fucked her and busted a nut
til she serves him papers punching him in the gut
now he has to pay thousands in child support for years
hey stupid next time wear a condom and save all those damned tears

Turning off stupid switches is never an easy feat
shit that is a task you may often repeat
but you gotta get it done if you want to move on
or else you will be stuck singing the same old song
and in the event that shit happens you might lose some friends
‘cause you keep going thru the same shit over again
and they get tired of listening giving you good advice
that you will never ever take so they go on with their lives
I turned my stupid switches off no more games am I playing
A stupid switch is a bill that I’m simply not paying!!!!!

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