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See I see your point of view by far am I not confused.

You see perfection and want you connection, to the affection that is so distant for you.

You want him, you want him so bad that you will befriend her no matter what the cost cause in you vision you the winner and her game is long lost.

Well that would be a misconception by far cause you are her weakest the stronger you are.

You are the weakest always cause she, see she is great. No need to point fingers no need to intimidate cause your hatertude is what sets her mood.

See you see defeat, were she has already prospered.

You see defense, when her offense is so cold, that the second half need not be played.....cause while welfare got you waiting - she's already paid and your already played, laid, tossed away, betrayed.

While she live in peace, your peace comes from knowing, that she has not, will not, shall not BEAT YOUR ASS!!

In fact CONGRATULATIONS!....for the picture now so perfectly clear cause for him to want you is for her to disappear.

Cause I know the trife.....I don't have to lay here misled-distraught wife.

I'll move on and let him be THE OTHER WOMANS MAN.

Cause I don't remember you being part of our plan.

Redbone Da Poet 2010

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